Sandhya Mathur,
Founder, Inward Focus

Sandhya Mathur founded Inward Focus in 2013. She is a certified Master Spirit and Empowerment Life Coach, and is an ACC Credentialed coach. Sandhya is a lead faculty at Symbiosis Coaching where she teaches ICF certification courses to students from around the world, and has over 1,000 hours of coach training to her credit.

Sandhya is also a Mentor Coach. She offers mentorship to certified coaches who wish to pursue ACC certification.

As a practicing coach, Sandhya has extensive experience that she leverages to provide real world inputs to her mentee coaches. She has logged hundreds of hours of coaching and mentoring.

Sandhya is a regular contributor to the HR and coaching communities through numerous articles she has authored.


Inward Focus is founded by a niche group of focused leaders in business, HR and education, to address chronic issues with people productivity and effectiveness. Our 50+ years of collective consulting, coaching, training & hands-on management experience gives us the ability to understand dysfunctional behavior and its causes. Our extensive experience includes work in areas such as personal effectiveness, business performance, leadership, trust, team dynamics and management.

From the outside, we view these issues objectively and dispassionately. This enables us to bubble up real issues and address them without the burden of emotional baggage.

From inside, we coach and consult on real issues. We tune our methodologies and experience to the client’s environment to create superior results. Our people are well qualified to meet our clients needs.

Our skills have enabled us to deliver great results in Executive, Performance and Life Coaching, as well as Business Consulting. We have achieved these results via coaching, consulting and training interventions.

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