The Coaches code of ethics does not permit sharing confidential information about the coach’s clients. Maintaining confidentiality and preventing conflict of interest are integral to the coaching profession, and are pledged to protect them, unless specifically permitted to share our coachee’s identity.


The Coachee was a high potential manager, and had advanced rapidly in his career. However, he was beginning to lose self-confidence as he felt he could not hold his own with his peers, all of whom were senior to him. It appeared as though this could become an impediment to his growth within the organization.

The coachee told our coach he wanted to be a subject matter expert. Our coach began by inquiring why he thought being a subject matter expert mattered, and what was happening because of which he was not seeing himself as one.  The coachee said he was not able to have an in depth conversation with his peers beyond the first level of detail.

Over several conversations, we found the coachee tended to participate in too many conversations. As he climbed through to senior levels, his managers had said to him that at senior levels, he would have to contribute in more than just his own operations. The coachee was carrying the pressure of expectations he had placed on himself by trying to contribute to every possible conversation.

The coach encouraged and the coachee responded with a resolution to the issue. Thereafter, the coach took on the role of an accountability partner to ensure the coachee actually did what he said he would. The results over 6 months were very encouraging. The coachee developed a new sense of confidence, and performed exceptionally in conversations not only with his peers, but also with global leaders. Within the year, he made a tangible advance in his career!

The coachee indicated he was facing challenges in his career. He felt under-utilized, under-compensated and over-qualified for his job. He had been in his job for 2 years.

The Inward Focus coach received initial indications that the coachee felt the resolution to his challenges lay in nurturing body, mind, heart and spirit, and that the coachee was intending to undertake options in these areas to overcome his challenges.

A drill down into why he felt he was under compensated revealed that coachee’s personal relationships were causing stress that was directly impacting motivation, and having a deleterious effect on professional success.

The Inward Focus coach asked the coachee to set goals for what his relationships should look like over 12 months. The coach encouraged the coachee to develop specific techniques and actions in the areas of managing multiple connected relationships, modifying his style of conversation to avoid or manage conflict, and extend trust in specific areas that would potentially eliminate the coachees dilemmas.

Our coaches received a high degree of success on all counts with this coachee. Inertia on searching for a commensurate role was resolved, relationships improved and the trust actions have led to reduction in conflict by more than half.

Our coachee had transitioned from a strategic, international leadership role to an operations leadership role in country. Local market conditions, and the coachee’s approach to his role led to lower than expected business performance.

The coachee believed he had a senior team of sales leaders, and his role should was to give his team expected outcomes. It was then the team’s responsibility to deliver. He also felt his HQ colleagues should act in a similar fashion. As a result he was not successful in holding either group accountable for results.

The coach initially worked with the coachee to help him expose and acknowledge these gaps. Thereafter, he encouraged the coachee to develop an action plan, and held him accountable to deliver against the plan.

Over 4 months, the coachee delivered on most of his business results, and over 1 year, the coachees team is meeting business plans for the year. The organization’s leader, the coachee’s peers, and his staff have acknowledged his achievements.