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Here’s to strong women. May we KNOW them, may we BE them, may we RAISE them.” – Unknown

Most women we know wake up at 7am but their lives truly start at 9am. Prepping for the day, taking the dog for a walk, sending the child off to school, partner off to work and then finally, us women – and it’s not like we don’t work too! But the amount of stuff we manage to pack into the few morning hours – I cannot even imagine how wildly capable we are!

But sometimes, amidst all the business, we forget our potential. We tend to question if we are doing the right thing, to the best of our abilities, to the best of our knowledge. Self-doubt along with trivialising all that we feel and think comes from years of conditioning and perhaps oppression in some parts. This self-doubt often acts as our barrier for being the best version of ourselves.

To realise this potential in women, Sapphire was born.

Over the years spent in coaching, I have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by women. This understanding gave birth to Sapphire, a one-of-a-kind women’s community focussed on empathetic meaningful engagement bringing out the best in women in all aspects of their lives – the body, the mind and the spirit – to help them break out of boundaries and imagine a broader future.

Led by a desire to create transformation in areas that have not been addressed before, I do believe that we need to awaken to the fact that we can only change ourselves. With this realisation, allow me to take you on a journey of acknowledging and accepting these emotions, responding and navigating through various circumstances, and finally come out shining in the glow of your self-worth!

The intent is to bring together women across age groups, cultures and geographical boundaries to bring a collective transformation in an interactive & inclusive manner. And that is why Sapphire is for every woman out there who needs support, kindness, and the motivation to do better in every aspect of their lives. Sapphire is a safe space without judgement, resentment, and anger. It is a space full of positive vibes, comforting energies, and uplifting spirits. You can be a homemaker and find a place at Sapphire. You can be a student and find a place at Sapphire. You can be a teacher, entrepreneur, lawyer, mother, daughter, and find a place at Sapphire.

This is the future we want to imagine for women – as being strong, independent individuals, prepared to take on the world and make it a more gentle, nurturing, and sustainable place to exist in.

The blue Sapphire stands for wisdom. It stands for mental strength, emotional well-being and financial abundance. It also stands for protection from negative energies. It stands for everything you aspire to be! That’s the inspiration… That’s the vision… To help create a Sapphire like presence for every woman!

From weekly workshops to community discussions to spirited connections with other women, Sapphire will have everything. You will be the key to building this community as much as us. We will bring in the workshops, you will bring in the energies. We will empower you, support you and uplift you. You will empower, support and uplift fellow women in the Sapphire community. And that is our mission: to help as many women as we can to create the best version of themselves.

No one can help women as much as other women. We understand. We care. We know.

Help us help as many women as we can by joining our community. Let’s hold hands and raise the bar of awareness and excellence for ourselves! We are in this together to create a Sapphire like Presence!


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