I’m not good enough: doubting your ability to do anything successfully – whether it matters or it doesn’t, even when it is irrelevant and you’re not expected to do something.

Others are better than me: the need to compare yourself with others, and always take an unfavourable view. Even when the comparison is unrelated to what you do, for example, an industrialist feeling smaller than a champion sportsman.

I’m never in control: the feeling that you have no control over things that affect you or that matter to you.

I will fail: the fear of failing to achieve your desired objective for no apparent reason, often without even trying to do something.

I can’t say no: the constant need to agree, to be the good guy, and therefore being unable to say no to anybody, even to your own detriment.

It’ll never work out for me: the belief that no good thing is meant to happen to you. Some say it can lead to a self-fulfilling prophesy. More likely you’ll work towards ensuring it doesn’t work for you!

I’m the victim: the feeling that everyone is out to get you. The fear that there are people whose objective is to cause damage to you, your reputation, or your career.

Will people approve: the need for validation of your words, thoughts, and actions by others. Your sense of self-worth depends on what other people think and say about you.

If I ignore it, it will go away: running away from hard issues, and hoping they will disappear if ignored for long enough.

Never admit a mistake: the belief that admitting a mistake makes you weak, or will be taken advantage of by rivals. This is unjustified and irrelevant.

Winning together isn’t possible: for me to win, you must lose. There is no such thing as winning together or win-win.

It’s all about me: Being egocentric. Or having a defence mechanism that always makes you right; having a high sense of entitlement, however undeserved; unable to perform a reality check.

It isn’t true: Not acknowledging ground reality. Being in a state of denial.

They let me down:…the feeling that all your failures are caused by somebody else. Because it is never your fault.

I can wing my way through…the feeling that others are not smart enough to understand when you are saying something that isn’t based on facts. This is usually far from the truth at most times, though it may work at times and give you false confidence.