Our name reflects our ethos. We believe all growth comes from within. Whether it is proactive, reactive or repetitive, the source of regeneration lies within the individual. We believe the best work is done by people who are highly engaged in what they do. This engagement comes from ownership, which creates ahigh level of accountability. 

When people hold themselves accountable for results, they become more engaged than before. The call for accountability comes from within, and it comes from a sense of ownership. We believe ownership is created when the ideas an individual works on have a symbiotic relationship with the creation of the idea. That’s why the highest ownership for anything is felt by its creator. 

At Inward Focus, we are committed to helping our clients create their own definition of success. Our bet is that if it’s their idea, they will be accountable to ensuring its success. We use proven methodologies from around the world to help our clients grow from within. Our emphasis is on the development of character attributes such as integrity, honesty, accountability and belief.


  1. Individual Creativity
  2. Ownership
  3. Engagement
  4. Accountability for success