Got a fantastic opportunity to work with my coach. I have been a strong believer in the fact that measuring / analyzing people and their performances is a soft skill which is impossible to put in numbers. For the first time, I appreciated that people related issues can indeed be managed in a very objective measurable manner with some numbers backing up those conclusions. This includes one’s own performance.

My interactions with my coach have been highly productive with each interaction presenting me some tool for managing very complex issues such as freeing up time for myself at work by right prioritizing the tasks at hand, creating enhanced visibility for my work in organisation etc.

Its been an extremely enriching experience working with him.

Many thanks and keep it up.

“My coach has developed superior competencies that give him a great handle on life and work, and all the complexities that these offer. His rich professional experience, coupled with remarkable clarity of purpose, serve as the key tools for him in this engaging profession.

My problems were substantially of my own making, and had ring-fenced me for a considerable period of time. My coach helped unravel the cerebral and emotional onion layer by layer, while all the way pushing me to think specific and develop my own set of priorities. The beauty of engaging with him lay in the simplicity of his ideas, that was always supported by personal anecdotes I could relate to.

He was never judgmental, and I felt comfortable talking candidly about my issues. Over a short span of ten weeks, he has presented a fresh perspective on life and work. The effect is akin to removing a self-imposed blindfold from over one’s eyes after ages.”

It was a great experience working with my coach on personal coaching. With her great listening ear, I could see her as a frined more than a coach with whom I could share all my concerns. She skilfully guided me to understand my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. With her help I could easily decode my problems and operate efficiently in spite of all my challenges.

It was my privilege more than pleasure working with my coach.

A fabulously articulate, intuitive, kind and helpful woman who constantly digs through her plethora of knowledge to encourage her coachees to transcend the achievable would be how I would describe my interactions with [Inward Focus coach]. She has the enviable ability to ‘empower one’s thinking process’ to bring out the best in her coachees.

I have had the privilege of some one on one conversations as well as group based sessions which  have sent me into a frame of introspection long after the scheduled hour. There were several instances when her gentle prodding opened up new unchartered vistas for me that I had not considered at all. This to me is the embodiment of life coac

My coach has the flair for interacting positively. She left me (after each interaction) feeling more in control, more positive and a whole lot more optimistic about my life choices. I wish her tremendous luck in all her endeavors. May she continue to touch people’s lives with her intuitive coaching abilities.

“My coach is trustworthy, realistically optimistic and an open minded person. She can communicate with people from different walks of life. Compassion being her forte, she doesn’t just dole out pieces of advice but listens to people more than she speaks. She is truly blessed to be a perfect life coach.”

…was a wonderful guide through my exploration of improving my personal relationships in my life. Her insight was very valuable as I began to increase my awareness of how I impact the results of conversation positively and negatively. Her coaching has helped me accelerate the planning and execution of my personal goals. I am a better confident person today because of our association.

… is a thorough professional who enjoys coaching. As a trainer at Symbiosis, she is doing very good work in sharing her knowledge and experiences of coaching. Her superb communication skills enable her to deliver concepts and best practices in coaching effectively. It is easy to understand why she is a good coach. Her ability to listen, empathize, understand and respond to queries, issues is quite remarkable. The fact she enjoys coaching is very obvious. She has a clear sense of purpose, a positive and balanced approach to life which enhances her ability to coach effectively.

My coach has immensely contributed in understanding my unique internal and external circumstances and worked with me closely on my blind-spots thus transforming my leadership skills. This has helped me immensely in turning around my business over the last 4 quarters. Key take away for me during these interactions were his very effective methods in identifying the real issues by asking fundamental questions leading me to find my own solutions. He followed through on whether I am executing on the identified gap areas thus helping me to be more impactful.

The ultimate result was in producing the desired turnaround in the business. Icing was acknowledgement from my peers and superiors.

We are a company operating in the field of Highway Operations and Management. Coming from the rural area and having never worked for any corporate had built the company with self and other directors experience who also came from the same background. As we were growing we felt the need to operate the company in a structured manner that’s where we came across Sandhya Mathur.

She with her entire team put in great efforts to bring a structure to our organization bringing the structure to our organization. They put in great efforts to understand the unique operational system we were operating with and offered a tailor made solution to have accountability at every level and person in the organization. They also provided the system for performance tracking and evaluation. The proper system has certainly helped us to boost the team spirit and the efficiency at every level in the organization.

… is a extremely seasoned professional who utilizes his extremely diverse experience in key leadership positions over the past two decades to bring a value added perspective to any given business situation. He has always been passionate about people development and has always earned the respect of individuals around him for his balanced and non bias approach to dealing with all situations. I wish him the very best and am sure he will continue to add value to all those that get to interact with him


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