“Over a short span of ten weeks, my coach has presented a fresh perspective on life and work. The effect is akin to removing a self-imposed blindfold from over one’s eyes after ages”

“John is very good, but he is not ready yet”.

“Jane is very talented, but when will she shine?”

People get to where they are because they’re good at what they do. But too many of them reach a point, and get stuck. They do everything they did before, they learn new things, they try different ways of getting things done, but they just can’t seem to move forward in their careers.

Just being good at what you do doesn’t take you beyond a point. It’s what we call the merit-success gap.

That’s why MeritPlus was created. MeritPlus is a coaching system that recognizes you have merit, and works towards  developing the behaviours you need to bridge the gap between merit and success.

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