ResultsPlus is our consulting platform. We believe our clients’ business managers are experts in their fields. Our role is to enhance their success by infusing replicable, scalable systems that accelerate and de-risk their businesses.

These are not processes business leaders are hired to run. They’re the things that should be in place, but are often not. So instead of de-focusing from the business to work on these systems, stay focused, and let us help fill the gap!

We mined 3x revenue potential for a large publishing company from its existing clients, and helped them develop a go to market plan to achieve their growth objectives! 

Accelerate Business Results

Organizations invest heavily in building strategies and goals. But translating strategies and goals into actions is often a challenge. There is a big difference between the results organizations want, and what employees should do to achieve them. In a very real sense, it is not what people say, but what people do, that produces business results.

ResultsPlus is a consulting framework that fills this gap. It helps managers improve business results by focusing on this gap.

Enhance Your Sales

Wonder why sales leaders find it so hard to forecast revenue accurately? Why forecasted deals don’t come in, others do? Or why most deals close only at the end of a period?

It may not be the forecasting or closure skills of your sales team! Its most likely because you lack a strong sales operations framework. ResultsPlus enhances sales results and accuracy through a proven framework to address these challenges and make sales more predictive and influenceable.

Setup Your Coaching Practice

Coaching is an emerging profession. It is less organized than more mature businesses. New coaches who want to set up their own practices may find it challenging to understand just how to go about it.

We help new coaching practices develop their market presence, and create new customers. We will help you develop a robust plan  to set up the foundations of a good coaching practice.

Its worth it to invest in reducing the time to get your practice off the ground.

..entire team put in great efforts to bring a structure to our organization. They … offered a tailor made solution to have accountability at every level & person in the organization. They also provided the system for performance tracking and evaluation. The proper system has certainly helped us to boost the team spirit and the efficiency at every level in the organization.