Sometimes you must fight for what you believe in.

About Us

Our name reflects our ethos. We believe all growth comes from within. Whether it is proactive, reactive or repetitive, the source of regeneration lies within. We believe the best work is done by people who are highly engaged in what they do.

At Inward Focus, we are committed to helping our clients create their own success. We use proven methodologies from around the world to help our clients grow from within.

Meet the Team

Sandhya Mathur
PCC Founder & CEO

Creating Vision Enhancing Lives

Coaching through the Emotional & Spiritual to Achieve the Tangible
Experienced Mentor Coach – Author of a Signature Mentoring Program for ACC & PCC Credentials | Emotional Intelligence Assessor & Coach with 3000+ hours of coaching| NLP Practitioner | Organisational Development Coach|

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Sanjiv Mathur
ACC Co-Founder & Director

Experienced MNC C-Suite executive | Seasoned Business Consultant | Has delivered 50+ strategy & sales execution consulting assignments| Experienced Executive Coach with 2000+ hours of coaching

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