Building a Profitable Coaching Practice

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September 17, 2022 | at 2000 hrs IST
Who should attend
this webinar?
This webinar will benefit individual coaches who have their own coaching practices. If you’re keen to add clients, increase revenue and invest in growing your business, you will get a great overview on the most important things you must focus on.
What is this webinar about?

This live webinar will discuss how to deal with the 5 most frequently cited challenges of solopreneur coaches.

These problems are the lack of a business strategy, struggling to find clients, execution & delivery excellence, not making enough money and being unable to invest in your business.

To address these challenges, this webinar will create massive awareness on the 5 ways to build your influence, the 6 steps to building a business, the 5 ways to dramatically increase sales, and the 4 ways to execute your plans.

Why do solo coaches
need to attend this webinar?

Coaches are exceptional at practicing their skill. The skill can only be practiced if you have a business that produces clients that need your skill. Most coaches do not have effective sales and marketing engines to acquire the right clients regularly, nor do they have processes that will allow them to focus on their work while the business takes care of itself. This webinar addresses exactly that gap.

When is this
webinar scheduled?
September 17, 2022 at 2000 hrs IST
Where will this webinar be available?
  • We will use Zoom as the platform, and the link to the meeting will be shared with you once you register with us.
  • We have scheduled the program at 8pm because it allows coaches all the way from the Middle East to the US to attend.

How should I register?

You can register on this webpage by filling out the registration form below.

Join the webinar September 17, 2022 | at 2000 hrs IST

    About your Coach

    Sanjiv Mathur is an ICF PCC credentialed coach, and a certified business coach. He is the co-founder of InwardFocus, a coaching and consulting firm.

    Sanjiv has 30+ years of overall work experience including 20+ years in the corporate world at companies like Microsoft, Oracle and Wipro. He has 10+ years of coaching and consulting experience, having worked with over 40 organizations helping them improve their businesses and coaching several executives.

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