Solutions for individual roles


Individuals across cross-sections of the workplace and society often seek inputs to improve their careers and lives. These inputs may not be available to them through the organizational route. We have crafted programs for them by segmenting them into senior leaders, middle managers, new managers, coaches, mentors and trainers. People in these positions can benefit from our programs outside of organizational frameworks.

Inward Focus offers a combination of high value training, coaching and consulting programs for individuals to enhance their careers and lives by learning the skills they need to be more effective and more productive. We fully understand the challenges of this space, and therefore have built solutions that address several needs, at varying levels of detail that require varying levels of investment.

Dreams are the beginning. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Marketing Yourself & Your Practice

Marketing isn’t just about telling people you’re there and what you do. Its about who you tell, what you tell them, why they care, when and where you share your message and how you convert them into paying customers. Most coaches, mentors and trainers are specialists at their skill, and often lack the marketing mojo. You will greatly benefit in the long term by working with our coaches one on one, or in a group, or simply virtually. They will help you develop your marketing plan and help you bring in business for your practice.

Selling Your Service: Create more Value for Yourself

A key differentiator in how much your customers are willing to pay for your service is the value they perceive you are bringing to them. Creating value means helping your customers see a solution to their problem in ways they did not. The primary tool in showing that value is the conversations you have with them. We have adapted some of the best practices used in B2B selling to having conversations with potential clients for coaches, mentors and trainers. Learn the art and increase the per deal return on your service.

Strategic Networking

Coaching, Mentoring and Training are often about getting embedded into an organization’s human development initiatives. That doesn’t happen by itself, and nor is it about generating leads. You need a network of people from whom you learn about what’s going on in the industry or in target accounts, people who promote you in your absence, those who hold you accountable for your plans and those who work in the background on your behalf. They come from different walks in life and actively network with you to make you better. Our coaches will help you with the framework and hold you accountable for developing a great network that will give wings to your practice.

Personal Effectiveness

In the absence of a corporate framework, it is hard to stay focused, engaged and disciplined about getting things done. In this area we are inspired by the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Work with our coaches to build plans that will help you get focused, manage time, prioritize, enhance skills like communications, listening, building relationships and more to become an effective professional. What’s more, you could engage with them over time to ensure you have an accountability partner who will push you to get things done.

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