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 Boost Your Self-Esteem


It’s not just you. As much as you would like to believe that you are alone in this, you are not.

We all have that sneaking suspicion that we are not enough.

And it is tiresome to constantly think that we are falling short, that everything we do is just holding us back from living life to the fullest.

If you too are fed up feeling this way, and want to make positive changes to your self-esteem, and eventually your life, you have come to the right place.

You will eventually find the courage to fight your demons and discover your true self and uncover your desires. Be it a better relationship, more meaningful work, or a healthier lifestyle, nothing is unachievable. All you have to do is be resilient and open to change and follow these few tips to give your self-esteem a happy boost.

First things first. Self-esteem rises when you know you can trust yourself, when you can trust your own instincts and intuition over the ideas of others, and when you’ve proven to yourself that you can face disappointment and frustration without becoming destabilized.

The more you can handle stress through self belief and resilience rather than escaping into self-destructive behaviors, the more you will trust yourself. And the more you honor your core values when facing life’s inevitable challenges, the better your outcomes will be, leading to more self esteem. So, go ahead and  build that inner power and self-contained confidence that is not based on others’ approval of you.

To develop this inner power you will need the awareness and perception of emotions along with the art of navigating those emotions. This will help manage the relationship with self and others.

Once you have built your aura of confidence, move towards being truthful and kind to yourself. Feel proud of yourself when you seek the truth and do the right thing—the thing that gives you a sense of integrity and wholeness – something that aligns with your purpose.  It’s imperative to take time to identify what matters most to you. Then measure all your choices and actions against these core values, making sure you’re in alignment.

Living this way with authenticity and integrity simplifies decision-making.

Lastly, do not allow self – deprecating thoughts to overpower your life. Stand up for yourself no matter what. When you choose optimism, you will know you’re doing your best and will be intrinsically motivated, despite unfavorable circumstances.

So, choose to channel your energy in a positive, productive direction.

When your opinion of yourself goes up then you’ll stop trying to get so much validation and attention from other people.

“Most of the important things in the world,” said Dale Carnegie, “have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

No matter what difficulties show up in your life—even if things seem hopeless—don’t ever give up on yourself.


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