MeritPlus Coaching for Individuals

Targeted at maximizing the potential of the best talent in an organization, individual coaching enables key executives, high-potential managers and high-performance employees deliver stand out performance.

In select cases, individual coaching works well to resurrect flagging performance among high potential managers who may be experiencing an inability to advance to a higher level of performance.

MeritPlus Coaching for Groups

Useful for homogeneous groups of managers performing similar roles in an organization, group coaching can help enhance team performance. It can be used to infuse a new, coaching centered style of managing people, improve employee engagement, and enhance business performance.

Group Coaching is usually targeted at middle manager groups performing similar roles in an organization.

Coaching Programs for Individuals


Executive Presence

Do you believe you have proven merit & performance, but are being overlooked for the next leadership position? It probably has nothing to do with your abilities. You may need to do more to think, act, speak and look the part!


Emotional Intelligence

Are your people, peers and leaders pulling you down, or avoiding you? Does nobody back you in the system? Relax. They aren’t vicious, and you aren’t who they’re making you out to be. You may need to improve your relationships!


Life Coaching

Have you stopped believing in yourself? Are you finding it hard to challenge your limits? If you feel stuck, inadequate or boxed in, it is probably only because you need a partner who will reinstate them in you!

Coaching Programs for Groups

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Manager as a Coach

Information age employees want a stake in making decisions impacting their work & careers. They want to use their knowledge and skills and chart their own path. Coaching techniques can equip managers to deal effectively with this need.

Stand Out

Execution Excellence

Organizations make great plans, but execution often breaks down at the middle or on the front line. Managers need to learn the skill to align teams, engage employees, and take a disciplined approach to increase accountability and produce results.

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Professional as a Manager

Are you a skilled doctor, lawyer or architect? And does your hospital or firm now want you to manage people in addition to your regular job? If you’ve never done this before, it can be a daunting task. This is a great place to start!

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