Coaching is a vast subject. It has applications in virtually any area you can think about. Its initial applications were in the field of sports, and continue to have significant impact on sports performance The best athletes hire coaches to help them quickly and accurately identify mistakes not apparent to the athlete himself, or in any obvious way to anybody else. More often than not, the sportsperson knows the technique, but is not doing things correctly. The coach helps the athlete identify and correct the issue.

More recently, coaching has permeated other high performance areas such as business leadership, career advancement and performance. As more vocational professions and entrepreneurship become lucrative and competitive, coaching has become specialized in areas like business and life coaching. Inward Focus coaches are specialized in Executive, Performance and Life Coaching. A brief description of these forms of coaching is given below.


Executives hire coaches for several reasons. Some of the areas in which executives are known to have sought coaching assistance are:

  • They may lack executive presence (think, act, talk and look the part)
  • They may be “stuck” and unable to think of what to do to move the organization forward
  • There may not be anyone at their level that they can have confidential conversations with
  • They may lack the emotional intelligence to lead diverse teams 
  • They may want to evaluate bold ideas with somebody who can ask them hard questions

Executive or “business” coaching focuses on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves and their company to be.


Performance coaching works well for managers looking to advance their careers, or adjusting to new realities once they do advance.

  • They may find it challenging to meet expectations at the next level 
  • They may have interpersonal issues when they become managers of their peers
  • They may experience a lack of self-confidence or self-worth  
  • They may need to demonstrate executive presence and emotional intelligence
  • Fast track managers may need to adjust their attitudes 

All of these attitudes, and more, can become impediments to career growth!


Life is a continuum. Every time you reach a new height, you start over. Life coaches advance Personal Empowerment to help cope with diverse situations. Get a Life coach to

  • Discover your inner potential.
  • Improving your attitude and confidence.
  • Develop & refine your emotional intelligence
  • Develop time management & prioritization skills
  • Examine relationship and spiritual aspects of your life
  • Understand your strengths & weaknesses, & work on them.

Personal empowerment should be viewed as ongoing personal development. Increase your range of coping responses and improve your chances of dealing with diverse situations.