Gentle Determination & Sustained Execution

Aims, goals, objectives & a hard nosed approach to getting something done all the time. A race against time & with the rest of the world. Followed by the stress & the burnout.

Sounds familiar? Has it really worked for you?

How about pacing things in a unique manner that works for you and you’re not measuring #achievements based someone else’s goals & pace? Would it not raise the quality of achievement a few notches if you could identify your own #purpose & direction to create a path for yourself?

What sense of satisfaction would it bring to traverse your own path and collaborate with folks you meet on the way. Wouldn’t it be a win-win situation for all?

This would mean first knowing yourself deeply and accurately to build the courage to follow your heart. The courage & conviction to Dream Big and create positive pictures of the future you want to create along with the perseverance to stay with it. To be able to manifest dreams there has to be some sustainable action that comes from aligning choices to the purpose.

Ever wondered how a river flows for miles at its own pace creating and changing its path to reach its destination? Do you see a gentle determination to flow the entire length, joining and merging with other rivers to finally reach the delta? The roar and force is evident in the mountains but it’s a different peaceful pace as it meanders through the plains. However, the invisible strong current -the underlying determination is very evident.. It is supported by sustained execution without stopping, without stagnation, without burnout.

Can you even begin to visualize how catastrophic it would be if all the rivers in the world tried to follow the same path to the same destination?

How about giving this a try??  Understand and love your unique self. Dream Big in your own unique way to manifest the dream with gentle flowing determination & sustained execution driven by wisdom.

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