The ResultsPlus Sales Enhancement program is based upon proven methodologies used by leading companies like Microsoft, Symantec and others. These companies developed their models over the years to enhance the returns they get per customer, as well as to add new customers.

The objective of the ResultsPlus Sales Enhancement module is to provide a predictable, controllable system for sales managers. The four components of the model are

The Model

Our 4 module approach is designed for modular as well as integrated application. From accurately estimating the size of your market, to segmenting it for better returns, planning your campaigns, and executing against your market strategies, you can select the best combination for your business.

The areas covered in each of the 4 modules are detailed below. In live projects, we customize these basic building blocks to reflect the exact solution required by our customers.

Market Data

  • Assess your Market Size
  • How much can be addressed
  • Forecast Growth
  • Assess Competitors
  • Define Growth Levers


  • Industry
  • Product / Service
  • Revenue potential
  • Geography
  • Audience

Market Coverage

  • Coverage model
  • Resourcing
  • Go-To-Market
  • Revenue management

Leverage the market

  • Account profiling
  • Account management
  • Engagement planning
  • Revenue management

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