Solutions for Organizations


For organizations, Inward Focus models its solutions at 3 levels to achieve superior business results – organizational alignment, team enablement, and bridging the gap between individual skills and behaviour. Our objective is to facilitate sustainable

change by introducing processes, structures, work breakdown and behaviours that endure over time. We base our solutions on time-tested principles that ensure lasting change. Inward Focus solutions for organizations focus on sales enhancement,

strategy execution, leadership development, managerial effectiveness, and personal productivity.

Just because the leaders know what needs to be done, it does not follow that teams, managers or the front line know what they must do, or how they should do it.


Inward Focus consulting practices will help your business build a solid data centric sales operation to give wings to your revenue. Integrate your sales and supporting strategies to execute with excellence.


Whether it is strategic thinking, a transition from technical to business roles, managing stakeholders, or executive presence, your stars will benefit from our experience in coaching leaders from Fortune 500 & large Indian companies.


Convert your sales leaders into sales coaches and never worry about results or succession again. You will build sales teams that learn to analyse their own performance, be accountable for their own development, find their own answers
and win bigger deals.


To change collective behaviour of people in similar roles, you need not work with multiple managers at a time. Get the team together, and we will coach them as a group to achieve your outcome. It works well to achieve goals like promoting
diversity, first time managers and several other areas.


Formal education and in-house training programs often focus on technical skills. Applying those skills in the workplace requires a different set of skills. Inward Focus provides training in leadership skills, managerial effectiveness,
personal effectiveness and related areas. Learn more about our programs on this website.


Hiring new talent, moving talent across divisions, and promoting people keeps human capital healthy. But its often hard to determine whether you’re making the right decisions. Leverage our EQ and Hogan assessors for a heads up on individuals
or groups you want to assess. We assess individuals and groups.


A: Although core business issues can be similar in organizations irrespective of size, we appreciate the business environment for SMEs is quite different from that of large corporations. To address that, we custom build our solutions with significant
inputs from our clients. If required, we co-create programs with our clients to meet their specific needs.

A: By their very nature, start-ups need to respond to the changes around them. Our framework is flexible to support that velocity. It ensures two things – it allows for rapid change but keeps the organization and its members sharply focused on whatever
they’re doing at the time. In addition, it gives start-ups a great way to keep their people engaged in the right things and introduces the discipline to stay the course. In addition to the overall framework, we also
support start-up CEOs with Business Coaching solutions.

A: During the Covid influenced lockdowns, we redesigned all our platforms to include both in-person and virtual engagements. In addition to standard videoconferencing, we use a platform that allows self-paced work using internet based technology, while
keeping track of their progress.

A: Our approach is simple. We build core components based on time-tested principles to give us good turn around times. When we engage with a customer, we work with key stakeholders and co-create specific solutions around the core components. It gives
us both turnaround speed as well as the level of customization required by our clients.

A: This issue applies to our corporate training programs. We prefer to work with groups of 20 participants at a time. However, if an organization does not have that many participants at a given time, we accommodate them in our calendarized open programs.

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