The ACC/ PCC Platinum package has been designed exclusively for coaches who not only wish to get a coach certification, but also want to add the ACC/PCC credential to their portfolio.

Around the world, individuals and organizations are beginning to look for an ICF credential before hiring coaches. In such a marketplace, the ICF ACC/PCC credentials bring additional credibility to you. It separates the good coaches from the great coaches. Earning the ACC or PCC credential demonstrates not only thatyou have gained extensive practical experience in the field. We recognize the importance of earning an ICF credential and wepartner with Symbiosis Coaching in Boston, USA to mentor coaches through a signature Mentoring Program for ACC & PCC Credentials.

This program involves a structured and intense framework where the methodology is aimed at creating shifts in mindset through catalysing a depth of understanding around coaching skills. Over the years, Coach Education has evolved into a purpose that has led to heaps of learning & spiritual growth leading to a ripple effect of transformation for coach mentees.

Our comprehensive Mentor Coaching program has been developed in accordance with ICF guidelines. The program consists of 7 group sessions followed by three one-on-one sessions that involve coaching and feedback in a collaborative process designed to develop the coach’s capability in coaching at the PCC level. At the PCC level, the coach needs to understand the nuances of each competency to catalyse a deep transformation through a structured methodology. The aim of the Mentor Coaching program is therefore, to create a roadmap to understand and navigate the 11 Core Competencies in a reflective and intuitive manner. The experience and philosophy that drives this program will support you in creating transformational coaching conversations. Upon completing these sessions, coaches can apply for either an ACC or a PCC credential.

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