• Small batches for increased mentor engagement
  • Multiple information packed classes
  • Live coaching practice during classes
  • Interactive discussions on actual coaching scenarios
  • Multiple 1:1 Mentoring sessions
  • Sessions on preparing for the CKA exam
  • 100% Form acceptance
  • 100% Success in CKA exam

Improve your coaching standards by getting an ACC accreditation. You will need a mentor coach, and at least 10 hours of mentoring. And a lot of practice.

The coaches who train our program are qualified and experienced mentors, and practitioners. They will put you through a tough regime including refining your skills on ICF’s 11 coaching competencies, and they will make you practice a lot during the sessions.

We keep our class size small. This ensures higher engagement between coach and mentor. You will get plenty of engagement time with your mentor.

In addition to collective time in the classes, each participant also gets multiple 1:1 mentoring sessions. This helps you get personal practice and feedback on your progress.

While you are being prepared to clear your CKA exam in every session, your mentor will also devote a class to preparing the group for the exam. After all, in addition to improving coaching skills, clearing the CKA is an important objective!

Please read specific requirements for ACC accreditation on the ICF website. When you are ready for a mentor coach, reach out to us!

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