Solutions for Professionals


Professionals like Coaches, Trainers, Lawyers and Accountants are looking for customer acquisition and growth for their practices. They need to create awareness about their services, position themselves uniquely, find new customers and keep old ones. As specialists, they are great at their subject matter, but often lack skills in sales, getting the best value for their services, networking with the right people, and using all the tools and technology available to help them grow their practices.

Inward Focus offers a combination of high value training, coaching and consulting programs for professionals to build their practices and learn the skills they need to be more effective and more productive. We fully understand the challenges of this space, and therefore have built solutions that address several needs, at varying levels of detail that require varying levels of investment.

Dreams are the beginning. If you can dream it, you can do it.


Our business coaches will work with you one-on-one to help build your go-to-market plans including the approach to identify your target customers, create awareness and credibility for you and your services, marketing outreach, building a network, and deriving the best value from your customers by selling the value of your services. In this engagement, you will have a coach assigned to your project.


Our consultants can work with you (and your team) across the spectrum of marketing, sales and execution strategies. Not only will they help you build your sales and marketing plans, they will also help you with a tried and tested execution methodology that works with small and large businesses alike.


The business learning program is designed on group coaching principles. It is targeted to build your go-to-market plans. However, some clients prefer to learn with groups of individuals and implement their learning with limited follow up support. These programs are coach led and supported but are conducted in a 1 to Many group coaching model. You will have a shared Inward Focus business coach supporting you programmatically.


We support professionals in pure virtual learning formats in these programs. You will have access to scheduled video based tutorials in which our business coaches will walk you through the mindsets, toolsets and skillsets you need to launch your business for success. The learning program is followed by one interaction with the coach.


As a professional, you may not have access to the extensive skills development programs offered by corporates to their employees. Inward Focus has developed programs for the skills you need to manage your work and your lives better. We provide programs on emotional intelligence, time management, personal productivity, strategic networking, building trust, leadership skills and many other areas. Learn more on our products page.


A: For professionals, the toss up is about what to prioritize. Is this necessary? Should I do it now? Do I have the resources? Do other professionals invest in this kind of thing? The question is, do we address that which is urgent in the short-term, or that which is important for the long-term? Common knowledge is the more you invest in what is important for tomorrow, the less urgent things you will have to deal with today. It’s a trade-off between being efficient today and being effective in the long run.

Eventually, its processes and people who drive results. The investments you make through consulting and coaching will bring long-term benefits. You have to find the balance between the short- and long-term outcomes, and how you want to deploy your resources. But if you believe prioritizing urgent day to day things will build your practice, or they will vanish over time, or be easier to deal with when you have an established practice, our opinion is quite the opposite.

A: Inward Focus consulting solutions are built in modules. When we work with professionals clients, we co-create solutions and take only those parts that we agree are important, or those that are critical to success. We also bill consulting services on a combination of expertise and time. This saves our clients considerable expense.

A: Our approach is simple. We build core components based on time-tested principles to give us good turn around times. When we engage with a customer, we work with key stakeholders and co-create specific solutions around the core components. It gives us both turnaround speed as well as the level of customization required by our clients.

A: Yes. A significant part of our business is in the coach certification and mentoring area. We work with professional coaches, trainers and consultants on a regular basis. Our programs are built on time tested principles. Professionals running their own businesses like to be in control. While our work does have frameworks to provide structure, it encourages professionals to think through the results they can produce, and how they will go about achieving those results. We ask them. They tell us, then they do what they said they would. And our model then encourages them to take accountability for what they said they would do.

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