Sandhya Mathur

PCC Founder & CEO

Sandhya Mathur is the CEO of Inward Focus. She is an ICF certified Executive & Mentor Coach, with the core area of specialisation being Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence ( CertifiedEQAssessor).A keen interest in Eastern Philosophy along with her belief in the untapped potential of each individual led to founding of Inward Focus. Through her coaching assignments at Inward Focus, she combines structured coaching techniques along with her expertise in EQ &the essence ofmindfulness interventionsto bring out the best potential of each client.Her specially crafted style of coaching supports vision and life enhancement, while helping clients create self-awareness, discover inner power to confidently and successfully deal with challenges in their lives. She truly believes that when it comes to human capital, all growth comes from within – for individuals, teams and organizations.

As an experienced Mentor Coach, she partners with Symbiosis Coaching in Boston, US to mentor coaches through aSignature Mentoring Program for ACC & PCC Credentials. This program involves a structured and intense framework where the methodology is aimed at creating shifts in mindset through catalysing a depth of understanding around coaching skills. Over the years, Coach Education has evolved into a purpose that has led to heaps of learning & spiritual growth leading to a ripple effect of transformation for her mentees. With over 10 years of experience in the field, she has always worked towards empowering people – to create a vision, enhance their lives and fulfil their dreams.

Years of coaching women through personal and professional goals inspired ‘Sapphire by Sandhya Mathur’-global community of women transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. The purpose is to catalyze collective transformation towards creating self worth, and personal leadership in an interactive and inclusive manner. Sapphire by Sandhya Mathur focuses on meaningful engagement to support women breakout from their boundaries and be empowered to visualize personal & professional growth.

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