Of women, by women, for women.

Message from the Founder

Sapphire is an initiative by Sandhya Mathur which focuses on female empowerment. It is a global community of women, a safe space which facilitates uninhibited exchange of ideas, unfiltered learning and unlimited growth. This community is an extension of the group coaching sessions run by Sandhya that develop and prepare women to fight their battles – small and big.

The Beginnings
And all of this started with an international survey for Women’s Day.
We wanted to know what the aspirations of the modern women were in order to understand how we could help them better.

Here’s what we understood were their top priorities.

The Thought Leadership Program

With all this knowledge in tow we decided to create Sapphire – a platform that helps women become their best selves in every area of their life. We conduct monthly workshops, and have tie-ups with organizations to help empower their women workforce, as we strongly believe that when you empower a woman, you empower a community, a family, an organization, and a nation. To this effect, we have thought-leadership programs geared towards working women.

Sharing is Caring

We have panel of experienced professionals and coaches that help women share their thoughts, aspirations, and dreams and help them creating a practical road map towards achieving it all. Along with our empanelled coaches – top leaders & experienced professionals will address the participants on topics ranging from career, home, parenting, and leadership to spark inspiration.

Step Out of the Box

Seldom do women get time to think and then time to act on new opportunities, learnings and re-skilling programs, as they’re busy juggling their everyday lives. The Thought leadership team aims to help participants step out of the box by providing opportunities and support.

Career & Wellness

Women need a lot of support and guidance to balance their career and families. We at Sapphire strongly accept this reality and aim to support women to ensure they take right decisions and don’t have to give up on their careers to deserve a balanced life. We aim to nurture her mindset and self-belief through emotional intelligence techniques. This vertical of program is also suitable for women looking to go on a sabbatical.

Meet the Team

Sandhya Mathur
CEO, Inward Focus
Mentor Coach – Signature Mentoring Program for ACC & PCC Credentials
| Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Coach

We have put together an amazing team of mentors and coaches
to help women with their goals.

Our team consists of women coaches who are specialized in helping
women through specific challenges they face in their everyday lives.

Henna Sharma

Happiness Coach

Rezina Denis

Life & OD Coach, NLP Practitioner

Afsheen Dattoobhai

Creative & Executive Coach,
Design Thinking Practitioner

Mira Saraf

Life Transitions & Executive Coach, LMI Facilitator

Ankita Jagtiani

Life & Youth Leadership Coach

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