Solutions for individual roles


Individuals across cross-sections of the workplace and society often seek inputs to improve their careers and lives. These inputs may not be available to them through the organizational route. We have crafted programs for them by segmenting them into senior leaders, middle managers, new managers, coaches, mentors and trainers. People in these positions can benefit from our programs outside of organizational frameworks.

Inward Focus offers a combination of high value training, coaching and consulting programs for individuals to enhance their careers and lives by learning the skills they need to be more effective and more productive. We fully understand the challenges of this space, and therefore have built solutions that address several needs, at varying levels of detail that require varying levels of investment.

Dreams are the beginning. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Executive Presence

Executive presence is often referred to as the gap between merit and success. After a point, doing good work is no longer enough to advance a career. In our workshops & coaching engagements, leaders learn how to enhance their executive presence, and build their gravitas, the #1 component of executive presence. Learn how to expand your horizons, communicate like a leader, show grace under fire, build an image and a reputation, and improve your emotional intelligence.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a defining transition in a career. While promotions might be milestones, leadership positions are not. Life as a leader begins the day you take over as one. It’s a change in mindset. Our leadership workshops are designed for experienced managers wanting to take up leadership positions or enhance their own leadership skills. We talk about the 4 key leadership pillars, and how you can enhance your skills in each area.

Personal effectiveness

In a world that increasingly pulls us in multiple directions, making demands of our bodies, minds, emotions and our very being, our coaches will co-create with you your personal effectiveness plan. The model is inspired by Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the NEWS coaching model. It works through your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, the things that block you from achieving your goals, and your plan achieve them. It also works on your accountability and prioritization including how you manage time, and how effective you are in working with other people.

Health & Wellness
Fears & Phobias

Strategic Networking

As you go up the career ladder, what you hear is often one or two degrees removed from what is really going on. That impacts decision making. Its critical to have a network that can give you an independent and accurate picture. This is not a network of people you know or those you are connected with on social media. These people are those from whom you learn, those who promote you, those who hold you accountable and those who work the background on your behalf. They come from different walks in life and actively network with you to make you better. Our coaches will help you with the framework and hold you accountable for developing a great network that will give you wings.


Self-awareness is critical to being an effective leader. Building self-awareness and understanding your tendencies and motivational drivers can enable you to unlock potential in yourself and your team. Research indicates that self-aware leaders show greater effectiveness in the workplace, have better relationships with colleagues, and demonstrate an improved ability to identify and manage their emotions.
Reaping these rewards can be achieved through honest self-assessment. To maximize your career trajectory and improve how you guide and manage teams, a great way is to assess your leadership effectiveness with our coaches. We use Hogan and Six Seconds assessment tools and help you interpret and act on them to advance your career.

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