Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses


Small and medium businesses are often looking to grow rapidly. This can mean too many goals, not enough envisioning, very few systems, processes, and skills to facilitate growth. Inward Focus helps by bringing in structure, methodology and skills to stay the course. We work with six principles – Clarity about the goals, Commitment to those goals, simplifying complex goals by breaking them into smaller units of work for the frontline, empowering people to make decisions and take responsibility, synergy between divisions, and individual accountability.

We emphasise the people equation in these businesses. The rate at which the demands of the business grow is hard to deal with for people. The skills required to manage that growth are either unavailable or are hard to learn and apply on the job.

Our solutions for small and medium businesses focus on 3 key areas – structure, methodology and skills.

The greatest pleasure is in doing things others say you can’t do!


Inward Focus consulting practices will help build the basis of a structured, data centric approach to enhancing your go-to-market and give wings to revenue growth. We will introduce process and methodologies to support your go-to-market so you can execute your plans with excellence.


The biggest thing about leadership is setting the standards. Inasmuch as teams in small and medium businesses are challenged with the pace of change, so is the leader. Whether it is envisioning and planning about the business or leading his team, our coaches are equipped to ask the right questions and enhance your thinking.


To change collective behaviour of people in similar roles, you need not work with multiple managers at a time. Get the team together, and we will coach them as a group to achieve your outcome. It works well to achieve process and skill adoption, culture change and several other areas.


A large part of growing the business is about having the right people in the right place. This includes making good hiring decisions, and scientifically estimating the talent currently in your employment. Leverage our EQ and Hogan assessors for a heads up on individuals or groups you want to assess. We assess individuals and groups.


Small and medium businesses seldom make large investments in non-technical training. However, growing your business requires quality skills enhancements at least among key people who contribute to your core business objectives. Inward Focus provides training in leadership skills, managerial effectiveness, personal effectiveness and related areas. Learn more about our programs on this website.


A: Inward Focus consulting modules are built in modules. When we work with clients, we co-create solutions and take only those parts that we agree are important, or those that are critical to success. We also bill consulting services on a combination of expertise and time. This saves our clients considerable expense.

A: This is a question of two parts. The first is about building solutions versus buying them. The second is the expense of buying a solution to a problem vs the cost of not solving an issue. Of course, you may be able to build a solution to a problem within the organization, in which case you would not need consulting, coaching or training solutions. You should consider them when you want to get things done quickly or have tried without success. There are pros and cons to both. Building solutions in-house is less expensive in terms of cash outflow. But it costs in terms of time and experimentation at the cost of customers, employees and growth. Buying solutions certainly entails outflow of cash, but it is faster, less expensive because development costs are shared, and the solutions are time tested. The decision is about how much do I save by not buying versus the cost of not addressing an issue. It is a business decision and must be taken with due deliberation.

A: During the Covid influenced lockdowns, we redesigned all our platforms to include both in-person and virtual engagements. In addition to standard videoconferencing, we use a platform that allows self-paced work using internet-based technology, while keeping track of their progress.

A: Our approach is simple. We build core components based on time-tested principles to give us good turnaround times. When we engage with a customer, we work with key stakeholders and co-create specific solutions around the core components. It gives us both turnaround speed as well as the level of customization required by our clients.

A: This issue applies to our corporate training programs. We prefer to work with groups of 20 participants at a time. However, if an organization does not have that many participants at a given time, we accommodate them in our calendarized open programs.

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