Coaching is an emerging profession. As is the case with most emerging opportunities, they tend to be less organized than more mature businesses. New coaches who want to set up their own practices may find it challenging to understand just how to go about it.

Inward Focus looks at 10 steps new coaching practices should focus on to develop their presence in the market, and create new customers. This is what we call the CCP Program.

Through a series of discussions, CCP will walk you through the listed steps.

This will help you develop a robust plan at the end of the program to set up the foundations of a good coaching practice.

If you are at an early stage of developing your coaching practice, or you are undergoing certification in coaching with a view to setting up your coaching practice, the  CCP is a valuable investment for you. It will cut down the time you spend discovering all that needs to be done to set up your practice, and get you started faster.

10 Steps of the CCP

  1. Create clear goals for your practice
  2. Break them down into tasks
  3. Articulate your offerings
  4. Market your practice
  5. Build your own image
  6. Create your business plan
  7. Learn to sell value
  8. Negotiation Skills
  9. Accountability Model
  10. Coaching for the coach

Yes, I want to kick start my coaching practice

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