In a landmark study done by the Harris Interactive Group covering thousands of white collar executives in the US, some revealing insights emerged. Some of the things the poll revealed are probably true about your organization too.

Only 15% of those surveyed could identify their organization’s top goals and priorities.

Only 1 in 5 of those surveyed felt passionate about their organization’s top goals and priorities

Just 49% of available work hours are spent on their most important goals & priorities.

51% don’t understand what they are supposed to do to achieve the organization’s top goals & priorities.

We have experience with over 30 organizations in this area. We understand that managers know their businesses and markets well, and develop great strategies to harness market potential.

Our consultants help managers accelerate and improve business results by working with teams and building the piping that connects strategy to individual behavior. We help by sharpening focus, getting employee commitment, and following through with discipline.

After all, it is not what we say but what we do that delivers results!

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