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“Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.”- Ray Lewis


As we get used to living in a pandemic state of mind, we are continually enforcing restrictions on ourselves. These restrictions, while they seem physical, also end up playing a part on our psychological functioning. Because of these new changes, we often find ourselves seeking out our comfort zone and doing things that we like and enjoy. This is the upside of our comfort zone.


As with most things, comfort zones also have a downside. But before we get to that, what are comfort zones? And why do they exist? In simple words, comfort zone is exactly what it sounds like. A place of comfort, a place of familiarity where doing something doesn’t make you think twice. One may feel at ease in their comfort zone because they are in control of the environment without having to do tasks that create stress or anxiety.


However, when one is deeply rooted in their comfort zone, the only way to get rid of discomforting situations is avoidance. For example, you want to expand your network and build connections to grow your business. But initiating conversations is uncomfortable and you are fearful of their judgement. In order to avoid these fears, you would much rather avoid initiating conversations with strangers.


However, isn’t the goal in life to constantly challenge ourselves and evolve to be a better version of ourselves?  The truth is that settling into our comfort zone only immobilizes us and gets in the way of our aspirations. Fear has a big role to play here. As absurd as it may sound, the one true way to break out of the comfort zone is to feel the fear and recognize it to navigate & channel it in the correct direction.


When we are within our comfort zone, we often accept our fears and challenges even though we know they are not working for us. This always stops us from achieving what we want in life. Awareness and acceptance is imperative so that we can identify the beliefs that create the challenges and fears.  Most of us stop at this awareness and realization and do absolutely nothing about it. In fact, we keep talking about our challenges which reinforces the belief and keeps us in the same place.  It becomes an affirmation! Stepping out of our comfort zone would require a continuum of creating awareness and defining next steps.


At first, it may feel impossible to step out of comfort zones without having some sort of discomfort. We may even feel powerless. However, making that effort stepping out of comfort zones is imperative because it creates a sense of purpose which will be driven by  focus, productivity, creativity, and the drive to get things done. The drive comes from how and what we FEEL about the change. It’s the underlying emotion that motivates us to identify the purpose and find the intrinsic motivation to take action. Something as simple as switching the way we do a certain thing  and, agreeing to try something we would not usually do, and then moving on to confronting our fears and making plans to face them. Once we do this, stepping out of our comfort zones will become a habit. We will be able to build the confidence to go after our goals with vigour and not let anything hold us back.


The result of one little shift is truly transformational! The process leads to a revelation of our own inner power which I must say is way deeper than ‘confidence’. The energy of this inner power then acts as a catalyst to work of the fears and beliefs that hold us back. The levels of resilience, inspiration and optimism multiply as we discover our true selves, our true worth and our real value. Instead of just surviving within our comfort zones, we will thrive outside it!

Yes, it’s an on-going process, but every step in the transformation brings a renewed sense of purpose to write our own life story!! A story that speaks of self-love because we find the courage and compassion to act towards realizing our dreams. It certainly takes doing to manifest to believe in this miracle of empowerment.


Through working towards stepping out of our comfort zone, we will have finally removed the poison of comfort zones from our lives and made it the potion that lets us fly!!


What do you think about comfort zones? Would you like to break out of them? Need a little push? Write to me at with your thoughts. I am always looking forward to hearing from you!


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