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SaPpHire was conceived as a program for women, by women and of women. 3 of our coaches felt International Women’s Day 2020 would be a great day to begin.


The purpose of SaPpHire is FOR women to achieve their chosen place in society and at work. It is designed to be respectful of your environment, and of the choices you make. It is for this reason that we sought the inputs of women around the world to speak from the heart about what they want to improve in their lives. That’s fundamental – because the program is BY women. With SaPpHire, we aspire to create new and exciting success stories that can define the achievements OF women.

The Beginning

On International Women’s Day, we rolled out a survey to ask women the world over about their lives. The response has been outstanding. We received responses from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The things you have told us will go a long way in creating valuable engagements in the days ahead. Data collection is still going on as of 23 March, and if you know somebody who would like to add to our collective knowledge, ask them to Take the Survey.

Program Structure

SaPpHire will be structured to ensure you can participate at your convenience. We do not intend to pull you out of your home for any length of time unless you want to. Consequently, we will build both online and in-person programs, and depending on what you choose, will try to bring the available solution to you.

It will be based on four basic constructs, and will be customized to your desired outcome. It will then guide you through breaking the outcome into manageable activities that you can keep track of, and a model using which you can maintain the discipline of following through.

SaPpHire fully understands you have busy schedules. Our objective is to create a routine such that you take on just one or two things per week. The belief is that if you are able to identify the right things, and pursue the 80:20 rule, then you should achieve your goals over time.

Of course, some goals will be complex, involving other people. Our experienced and qualified Life Coaches are great resources to resolve those dilemmas with. They’re all women, and they are good at what they do!

What Next?

If you haven’t taken the survey, please do so HERE. If you want more information

Call : +91-9810482226, or

eMail :, or

If you want us to contact you, please fill the following Form


Thank you for your interest in SaPpHire. We are sure that if we work on our aspirations together, we can create the stories the world needs to see – of successes, of achievements and of us taking the place we choose for ourselves in society and at work!

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