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Inward Focus recently conducted an independent survey with a group of working professionals from across India on the subject of EI and its relevance in the organisations of today. It is an attempt to understand where working professionals are with respect to EI and to shed light on perceptions and practices related to EI. This study threw up several insights from the responses of working professionals related to the evolution of the concept, and its impact on making workplaces more engaging and enriching.

Main Results

  • 94.5% respondents felt Emotionally Intelligent people are more successful
  • 27% female and 37% male respondents are unsure, or do not, place adequate emphasis on the growth of their EI skills
  • 70% respondents feel that their organizations either don’t or only sometimes invest in EI training
  • 30% respondents feel better EI will reduce conflicts and lead to better collaboration in the workplace
  • 26% feel better EI will improve leadership skills
  • 42% respondents said their Emotional Intelligence needs improvement

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