Our Corporate and Public training programs focus on day-to-day, real-world skills. We design programs for independent individuals, individual contributors, & middle & senior managers in large & medium businesses.

Our programs are designed for self- and professional improvement. They are based on andragogical learning principles. We use a combination of reflective self- and participative group-learning techniques using in-person, remote & hybrid platforms.


3 Imperatives of a Customer First Culture


In today’s world of the internet, any differentiation you can create for your products or services will be replicated by somebody else very quickly. You must innovate repeatedly, but that’s not always possible.

We believe the sustainable competitive advantage you can create for your business is to put the customer at the centre of everything you do. It plays well in the experience economy and is hard to replicate.

The workshop covers:

  • Put the customer first: Understanding the need for and importance of putting the customer at the centre of everything you do
  • Create a culture of ownership and accountability
  • Building rapport & trust with the customer, and developing a can-do attitude.

The audience for this workshop is middle management roles who can influence teams to imbibe the culture. It works best in organizations where leadership is committed to a customer-centric culture.

The customer first mindset is complete when it permeates the organization. The program is suitable for managers of all business units. It works best for groups of 15-20 at a time.

Time required

  • In person: 1 business day
  • Virtual: 2 sessions of 4 hours each over 1 week

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The 7 Essentials of Executive Presence


At executive level, just doing good work is not the whole job. In addition to producing results, you must be seen as worthy of the job in the first place. The secret sauce is to have Executive Presence (EP).

There are no clear definitions of EP. There are 3 major pillars – gravitas, communications and appearance. Research indicates gravitas is the most important of them.

We work with participants to develop their own EP with a focus on

  • Maintaining poise under fire
  • Establishing your status
  • Making connections with people
  • Being authentic and original
  • Communicating so others listen
  • Keeping an open mind and a level head
  • Producing results

The workshop is of a 2 day duration and can be delivered on-site or virtually. The coaching engagements usually span 6-12 months.

This program is for the leadership pipeline as well as for incumbents in senior leadership positions. It can also be availed in a 1:1 coaching model or a 1:M group coaching model.

Time required

  • Group Coaching In person: 2 business days
  • Virtual Group Coaching: 4 sessions of 4 hours each over 2 weeks
  • 1:1 Coaching: 3 months to 1 year

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The 5 Key Roles of Leaders


Emerging leaders are among the biggest assets in organizations. Their impact on the organization’s performance is substantial. People like to believe that high quality leadership is a combination of natural skills and learned methodologies. For most people, leadership is not a natural skill. It is learned.

In our program we consider 5 key components in a leader’s repertoire. The mindset, skillset and toolset in our program are guaranteed to give the emerging leader a clear insight that they can develop on the job, over time. These components are

  • Understanding expectations
  • Build strong, trustworthy teams
  • Planning your Business & Resources
  • Executing your plans with excellence
  • Managing & nurturing talent for high quality performance
The program is suitable for organizations looking to improve their leadership talent pipe. It works best for new and emerging leadership talent, in groups of 15-20.

Time required

  • Onsite workshop: 2 business days
  • Virtual Workshop: 4 sessions of 4 hours each over 2 weeks

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3 Fundamentals of Execution


Your strategy is as good as its execution. We take your managers through a time-tested approach to achieving their most important goals with excellence, every time.

Inspired by processes used in the most successful organizations globally, our program is imbued with behavioural adjustments and principles that have been tested over time.

The program teaches techniques on how to

  • Sharpen the team’s focus down to their must win battles
  • Break down the work on a week-to-week basis, and
  • Establish a rhythm through which leader can keep track on a weekly basis whether the team did what it said, and make changes as they go

You will find a remarkable change in behaviour towards achievement of the goals.

Derived from our consulting practice on Execution Excellence, this program is targeted at organizations and managers who prefer to do it themselves. Groups can vary from 15-30, and participants should be at least team leaders.

Time required

  • Onsite workshop: 1 business day
  • Virtual Workshop: 2 sessions of 4 hours each over 1 week

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5 Essentials of Personal Productivity


Personal productivity is more than just a uni-dimensional aspect such as time-management or producing more output. It has as much to do with how much you produce as it does with what your produce, and how efficiently you produce it.

Our program focuses on all these aspects, so that you align your best time and energy to doing those things that matter the most. In the process, you learn techniques to help do that, such as

  • Focus on what’s important
  • Set inspiring achievement challenges
  • Tools & techniques to achieve them
  • Rejuvenate to prevent burn out

The program focuses on holistic productivity, and teaches skills like prioritization, time-management and leveraging technology. At the end of the program, you will learn a life skill that can be applied to any situation to improve outcomes.

Inspired by game-changing prioritization techniques used by military generals, and seminal works on focus and effectiveness by management gurus, this program is useful for managers in organizations as well as individual professionals. Groups can vary from 15-30.

Time required

  • Onsite workshop: 1 business day
  • Virtual Workshop: 2 sessions of 4 hours each over 1 week

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